Security footage captures Florida bear's dog food raid

By Ben Hooper

Oct. 24 (UPI) -- A security camera installed at a Florida man's home captured the moment a trespassing bear dropped by to steal dog food and some peanut oil.

Randy Hensel of east Milton said his nephew was house-sitting during the weekend while he was out of town to attend the Florida State-Louisville college football game in Tallahassee.


He said his nephew texted him Sunday to tell him there were fresh bear tracks near the concrete pad underneath his house, which is elevated on pilings due to its proximity to the water.

Hensel said his nephew pointed a security camera at the spot in case the bear came back, and the bruin indeed returned to seek out some snacks.

The footage showed the bear sit down next to a broken-open pool chlorine container to feast on the dog food stored inside.

"The bear also pushed over my cast-iron fish cooker with peanut oil and lapped it up, apparently to wash the dry dog food down," Hensel told the Pensacola News-Journal.

Hensel said the chlorine container had previously been effective at protecting the dog food -- which he actually uses as fish bait -- from raccoons, but it proved to be no match for the bear.


"I'm not gonna throw it out, I'm gonna keep the can as a souvenir," Hensel said. "It's cool."

Hensel said he has lived in the area for 20 years and the incident marked the closest he has come to a bear sighting.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission guidelines recommend trash, pet food and other potential food sources be stored indoors or in bear-proof containers to prevent the animals from associating residential areas with easy meals.

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