Servers dash to be crowned Argentina's fastest waiter

Ben Hooper

Oct. 16 (UPI) -- Some 470 servers gathered in the Argentinian capital to race with loaded trays for the right to call themselves the country's fastest waiter.

The Hotel and Hospitality Workers Union, which hosted the annual Race of Waiters and Waitresses in Buenos Aires on Saturday, said 470 men and women toting trays loaded with bottles and drink glasses competed for $1,000 prizes.


Competitors were required to travel a distance of about 5,250 feet -- 15 blocks -- as fast as they could without spilling anything from their trays.

Noelia Rojo, a server with the Cafe Martinez chain, took home a $1,000 prize after coming in first in the women's category.

Carlos Cejas, who works for the Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires, won in the men's under-30 category, while Leonardo Tamano of Bingo Lanus won for the men's 30-45 category. The men's over-45 race was won by Mariano Benitez, a server with the Turismo Hotel de Chaco.

"One has to be the best to serve the customers in Buenos Aires," Cejas told ITV News.

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