Father-son cowboys rescuing horses, cattle from Harvey's floodwaters

By Ben Hooper
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Aug. 31 (UPI) -- A pair of father-son cowboys in Texas are wading their horses out into the floodwaters to rescue livestock and other animals in danger of drowning.

A now-viral video Chance Ward posted to Facebook shows his 17-year-old son, Rowdy Ward, freeing a horse from a flooded pen and leading it to safety.


Ward said he and the teenager have been riding around to various flooded properties to rescue horses, cattle and other animals endangered by the high waters.

The father has been posting photos and videos of the rescues on his Facebook page.

Ward said they have been joined on several of the rescues by other volunteer cowboys, including some that came from out of town just to help with the rescue operations.

"There is a lot of sad out of this storm, but I look at the positive," Ward wrote in a Facebook post.

"I have helped in numerous floods with livestock. We were able to swim in and save four of these horses today. One of the greatest feelings in the world is having my best partner by my side. My 17 year old son. If you look you can see us talking as this is no big deal. There are a lot of great cowboys, plenty that are willing to do the same as us. We make livestock our first priority, as I know many are helping people. Thanks to all the hands that help us today."


Ward estimated he, Rowdy and their cowboy cohorts had rescued about 600 head of cattle and nearly 50 horses as of Wednesday.

"We have a talent that a lot don't have, and we try to donate our talent wherever it's needed," he told the Houston Chronicle.

He said the animals are being kept on various properties that owners have volunteered for the rescued creatures. He said animals deemed to dangerous to be around others are being stored at his own property.

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