Man encounters storm-displaced cow in middle of Texas highway

Ben Hooper

Aug. 29 (UPI) -- A driver on a Texas highway after the landfall of Hurricane Harvey filmed his encounter with a cow that apparently escaped during the storm and wandered onto the road.

The video, filmed Saturday, shows the car traveling on Highway 35 on the outskirts of Rockport, Texas, while a cow walks down the middle of the road.


The driver slows and rolls down his window to give the wayward bovine some encouragement.

"Hey man, it's gonna be OK, alright? Hang in there," he says.

The man theorized the cow escaped when the hurricane, which was later downgraded to a tropical storm, made landfall Friday.

"I was on my way out of Rockport Texas after the landfall of hurricane Harvey. I was driving along Highway 35 when I saw something in the road ahead. I wasn't sure what it was so I took out my iPhone to record the experience. As it turned out it was a cow that had been displaced by the flooding and other hurricane conditions from Harvey. I wasn't sure exactly what to say so to speak so I said the first thing that came to my mind and that was 'hang in there.' Obviously I couldn't do anything more and that was that," the man wrote.


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