Grizzly bear and cubs stalk hiker on Alaskan park trail

By Ben Hooper
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Aug. 1 (UPI) -- A hiker in an Alaskan park captured video of his frightening encounter with a mother grizzly bear and two cubs that followed him down a path.

The video, captured this year on a trail at Katmai National Park, shows the massive mama grizzly and her two cubs walking on a trail toward the filmer.


"I am walking backwards on the trail back to the camp," the filmer says in the footage. "I'm walking on the trail -- and mom and two cubs. So I am continuing to walk backwards, and mom and the cubs keep following me, and are walking at least as fast as I am."

The man expresses concern that he might stumble while walking backwards, but he doesn't want to turn his back on the potentially hungry bears.

"Oh, come on guys, give me a break," he says, as one of the cubs picks up the pace.

The video cuts until after the man reaches the campsite, and the mother bear and two cubs are seen by the shore of a body of water after losing interest in the man.

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