Ring-tailed cat hitches 200-mile ride to Houston under RV

Ben Hooper

July 27 (UPI) -- Animal rescuers in Houston said they are rehabilitating a ring-tailed cat that hitched a 200-mile ride to Houston on the underside of an RV.

The Houston SPCA Wildlife Center of Texas said the ring-tailed cat, a member of the raccoon family sometimes known as a ringtail or a civet cat, was found clinging to the underside of an RV after a 200-mile drive from Bandera to Houston, KTRK reported.


Workers at the wildlife center said the 7-week-old animal is the first ring-tailed cat the center has taken in since it opened about a decade ago.

"It's very unusual for us to have a little guy like this," Sharon Schmalz, director of the Wildlife Center of Texas, told KHOU-TV. "Fortunately, the people got him to us right away."

Ring-tailed cats, which are often mistaken for small foxes, are not often seen in the Houston area. The nocturnal creatures are known for their unusual sound, which is often compared to a typewriter.

The wildlife center plans to rehabilitate the creature and return it to its natural habitat.

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