Mom befriends shirtless football players at daughter's college orientation

Daniel Uria

June 20 (UPI) -- A mother managed to befriend a group of shirtless students while attending her daughter's freshman orientation in Texas.

Texas State freshman Avery Leilaniā€ shared texts from her mother, as she was surrounded by four football players she met on campus after dropping her daughter off for orientation.


"My mom dropped me off today for College freshman orientation and she sends me this," Leilani wrote.

The texts featured a series of photos of her mother smiling with the shirtless men as she posed with a football and displayed the school's signature hand signal.

"I made some friends," the mother wrote. "Don't wait up!"

An incredulous Leilani responded with a pair of skull emojis and declared her mother a "cougar" for mingling with the handsome young men.

"How in the world?" Leilani wrote.

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