Daughter recreates family photos with pet dog

By Daniel Uria
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June 20 (UPI) -- A college student pranked her parents after moving away for school by replacing family photos with photos of their pet chihuahua.

Marissa Hooper dressed up Dixie the chihuahua in outfits she made using items found around the house and placed her in poses similar to various family photos to test how observant her mother is.


"I've been recreating family pictures with my dog and slowly replacing them around the house to see if my mom would notice," she said.

Since leaving home Hooper has placed Dixie in several photos including her graduation photo, a photo of herself as a child and a black and white photo of her mother.

Hooper said despite her mother's commitment to cleanliness, it took her some time to reveal she had noticed the altered photos.

"It took about two weeks for my mom to notice which is hilarious to me; she runs a tight ship when it comes to keeping the house clean, and that means she obviously handled these pictures in the frames multiple times when she dusted and didn't notice! I found that very amusing," she told The Dodo.


Her mother was far less amused and sent Hooper an angry text asking her to stop replacing the photos.

"I know it was you!" Hooper's mother wrote in a text. "I keep having to explain to company why we have 5x7s of Dixie everywhere!"

After initially denying any involvement in the prank, Hooper finally owned up to the idea and tried to get her mother to admit she enjoyed it.

Hooper's mother refused to admit finding any humor in the prank and instead responded by saying she preferred Dixie's photos to the originals.

"Her graduation picture came out better than yours," she wrote.

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