Google Maps error leads pizzeria customers to man's home

By Ben Hooper
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April 21 (UPI) -- An Australian man said unwanted visitors have been streaming to his home after Google Maps mistakenly labeled it as a pizzeria.

Michael McElwee, 69, said it seemed like a simple mistake had been made when someone showed up at his Darwin home to deliver magazines meant for a pizza restaurant, but soon another person showed up seeking a job at a pizzeria.


McElwee said would-be pizza customers started knocking at his door and that led to the discovery that Google Maps had incorrectly labeled his house as Cucina Sotto Le Stelle, a pop-up pizzeria located in a park near his home.

"It is like getting your identity stolen," McElwee told Australian Broadcasting Corp. Radio Darwin. "Your house has been stolen and put in as a pizza shop."

"My daughter has been approached by people wanting to know what time we open," he said. "I don't know how many people have turned up at my house thinking it was a pizza place."

The error was reported to Google, which has since corrected the map to put Cucina Sotto Le Stelle in the correct location.


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