Canadian animal center takes in 16 orphaned baby ducks in one day

By Daniel Uria
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WINNIPEG, Manitoba, May 26 (UPI) -- An animal rehabilitation center in Canada saw a large influx of ducklings at the start of hatching season.

Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Winnipeg shared a photo of the big group of ducklings from two different mothers that were admitted to the center.


"Admitted two separate families of ducklings with both mother ducks killed," they wrote.

According to the CBC, the center admitted a total of 16 ducklings within the 24-hour period, as one set of ducklings were rescued after their mother was hit by a car and the other were found abandoned as they were beginning to hatch.

Last year the Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre took in 80 ducklings and president Lisa Tretiak said mother ducks face significant threats that jeopardize their important role in the lives of their ducklings.

"The mom does play a very large role in raising them compared to a fawn or rabbits," she said. "They're just starting to hatch and mom is trying to take them from one location to another, so it isn't uncommon unfortunately for her to get hit, and we receive all these orphans."


She also urged people to drive carefully and keep an eye out for abandoned ducklings and other baby birds.

"Anytime we see a duckling by itself, we really want to get it collected, put in a box and contact us right away. Small little ducklings cannot keep themselves warm or protected from predators," she said. "Same goes for goslings – baby geese. If they don't have a family, look around to see if you can spot the family and try to reunite it."

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