Owl's ring delivery goes spectacularly wrong at Canadian wedding

You had one job, owl. One job!

By Ben Hooper
This owl is headed for disaster. Screenshot: ViralHog/YouTube
This owl is headed for disaster. Screenshot: ViralHog/YouTube

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OTTAWA, April 15 (UPI) -- A trained owl that was supposed to deliver the rings at a Canadian wedding instead took an ill-fated flight for freedom that ended with a crash.

The video, posted to YouTube by ViralHog, shows an owl named Max take off from its trainer's arm when it is summoned to perform its duties by a man saying, "Max, come here!"


Max appears initially to head toward the couple, but makes a turn and flies toward the back of the church.

The owl seems to be making a break for freedom, or at least some fresh air, but he ends up with neither when he crashes into the glass window and falls to the ground.

The video's caption says the owl was hired to deliver the rings because the bride was "a big fan of owls."

The video was filmed Sept. 12 of last year but only went viral when it was posted to YouTube this week.

"The owl is OK," the post says.

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