Colorado girl finds racist note in Wendy's kids meal

By Ben Hooper
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ARVADA, Colo., Oct. 15 (UPI) -- A Colorado Wendy's said two employees were fired after a mother revealed a racist note was discovered in a kids meal served to her young daughter.

Manige Osowski said she and her family visited the Wendy's in Arvada Oct. 8 and her young daughter discovered a playing card in her kids meal toy that someone had covered in profanity and racial slurs.


"I had to explain to my child what the 'N' word means and she's never heard that term before," Oswoski told KDVR-TV.

Wendy's officials said the two employees responsible for the incident have been fired.

"Our core values as a brand center around treating people with respect, and we have taken this situation very seriously. As soon as we learned what had occurred, we investigated and took swift action. The two employees who were involved are no longer employed by Wendy's. We also have reached out and have formally apologized to the customer," Wendy's spokeswoman Candis Goins said.

Osowski, who organized a protest with about a dozen participants outside the eatery Tuesday, said the apology is not enough.

"What is being done to assure this will never happen again? What policies and procedures are in place to prevent other customers from being targeted?" she wrote in a Facebook post. "I will not be complacent with inaction. I will not be satisfied with empty apologies. Our children do not deserve to be indoctrinated into a culture that tells them they are not worthy of meaningful acknowledgment."


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