Bleating beauties: Lithuanian village holds goat pageant

The village of Ramygala has used the goat as its symbol since the 16th century.

Ben Hooper

RAMYGALA, Lithuania, June 22 (UPI) -- A Lithuanian village celebrated the 645th anniversary of its founding by holding a beauty pageant for the most attractive local goats.

The village of Ramygala, about 93 miles north of capital city Vilnius, held a goat beauty pageant Saturday to celebrate the animal that has graced the town's seal since the 16th century.


"This year in Ramygala we are holding the sixth traditional goat beauty contest, which is called the 'Goat Parade.' During this contest we select the most beautiful goat which will then be crowned," contest organizer Loreta Kubiliuniene told Ukraine Today.

A dark-colored goat named Marce stood out from the pack of seven bleating beauties to be crowned the most glamorous goat of the bunch.

"It wasn't hard to prepare for the contest. The goat Marce does everything at home, you know, come and see, how she scales the barriers, walks the beam. I set her free, and tell her to dance and she dances," said Saverija Dobrovolskiene, Marce's owner.

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