Autistic 11-year-old draws world map from memory in New York

Reddit user Bobitis said the boy had to stand on a chair to draw the detailed world map on his classroom's white board.

Ben Hooper

NEW YORK, April 10 (UPI) -- A New York 11-year-old is a viral after he drew a world map from memory in school and photos of the accomplishment were shared on Reddit.

The boy, a teacher's son, got in front of the class and drew the world map shared by Reddit user Bobitis, whose daughter is in the class, on the room's white board.


The Reddit user said the boy had to stand on a chair to draw the entire map, which features intricate details including tiny islands that appear as dots in the drawing.

Bobitis said the young artist has autism.

"I was just amazed....especially as a father of a child with similar attributes," Bobitis wrote.

Stephen Wiltshire, a British artist with autism, rose to viral fame in 2009 when he drew a 20-foot panoramic image of the New York skyline from memory after a brief helicopter ride.

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