Note: Woman with prosthetic is 'not handicapped' and 'should be ashamed'

The note left on the car of Natasha Hope-Simpson, who has a prosthetic leg, criticized her for using accessible parking when she is "not handicapped"

Ben Hooper

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, April 10 (UPI) -- A Nova Scotia woman with a prosthetic leg was "flattered" by a note saying she "should be ashamed" for using accessible parking when she is "not handicapped."

Natasha Hope-Simpson of Halifax said she usually parks in the accessible space across the street from her work, but she returned to her car one day this week to discover an anonymous note left on the vehicle.


"I have a video of you walking away from your car on numerous occasions, you are not handicapped!! The next time you park here I will forward the [videos] to police with your license plate number. You should be ashamed of yourself!!" the note read.

Hope-Simpson, who lost her leg below the knee in a hit-and-run incident in November 2013, said she takes the note as a compliment to her practice with the 3-D printed prosthetic, which she received in March of last year.

"I'm kind of flattered about that, because I've been working pretty hard on my walk to make it look natural," she told CBC News.

Tova Sherman, an advocate for people with disabilities, was less amused by the note.


"It's really none of our business whether they run out of the car, or crawl out of the car. Great example is people who live with fibromyalgia -- chronic pain -- it is episodic, meaning it comes and it goes," she said. 

Sherman said a fibromyalgia patient can feel fine one day, "then the next day they can't even lift their arms."

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