Naked breastfeeding yoga mom photo 'not staged'

By CAROLINE LEE,  |  Aug. 22, 2013 at 9:38 AM
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Mother Amy Woodruff lives in a clothing-optional community in Hawaii.

She was practicing a yoga inversion naked when her daughter Naia crawled over, hungry. A photograph of her in this moment (links probably NSFW) went viral, and Woodruff said the photo was not staged.

"I was just doin’ my daily flow when the little sweet pea came to sneak a suckle. Papa had her out in the grass with him and she just couldn’t resist!" Woodruff said.

"This happens all the time, by the way.

"When a breast is out and baby is around, they are going to try and get it any way they can! I have been blogging for years now, and this photo was just a simple share of a beautiful captured moment."

Woodruff said on her blog that she never guessed the photo would go viral.

"My blog at this point had been set up so that we could share our travels and Naia with our families and close friends," Woodruff wrote.

"When I posted the photo I had no idea it would be shared the way it was. There was no showing off intended, nor did I send this photo out to any websites to gain attention. A few close friends shared it on Facebook as a beautiful photo of a mama connecting with her child. It was shared again from there and so on and so forth. "

When the photo did make the rounds on the Internet, Woodruff said she was overwhelmed with the reaction.

"The yoga community and earth mamas loved it! Women who didn’t seem to enjoy breastfeeding or more of the conservative crowd thought it was the weirdest thing and just couldn’t wrap their heads around it," Woodruff said.

Some bloggers juxtaposed Woodruff's photo with the Time magazine cover with breastfeeding, and the idea of attachment parenting and living a clean, organic lifestyle.

"I enjoyed hearing all sides of the spectrum as it reminded me that we are all different and if anything it may have opened the eyes and hearts for some who didn’t think multitasking to that level was possible!

"No regrets about posting the photo whatsoever."

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