33 psychics seek missing N.Y. show dog

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NEW YORK, March 13 (UPI) -- A team of 33 psychics straining to locate Vivi the show dog who went missing from JFK airport last month say she's still alive and sending messages.

One of the psychics even told Vivi's co-owner, Paul Lepiane, the female whippet is on a boat bound for France and is wearing a little hat, the New York Daily News reported.


The dog, whose full name is Champion Bohem C'est La Vie, slipped out of her shipping cage at the airport and vanished on Feb. 15. Volunteers are still scouring the airport and nearby neighborhoods and handing out fliers, but no leads have developed.

Lepiane said it's possible Vivi's surviving by eating rabbits, which are plentiful around the airport.

"She's the opposite of a couch potato," said Lepiane. "She spends her days hunting on a farm. She's already lived that life."

He said the psychics who feel Vivi is hiding behind a stack of boxes with maintenance vehicles around aren't helping much.

"At JFK there's 500 buildings that fit that description," he said.

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