Jockstrip: The world as we know it

By ALEX CUKAN, United Press International  |  Oct. 24, 2003 at 7:43 AM
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New York City is planning a "Halloween Initiative" that will keep 600 pedophiles under a strict curfew for the holiday, the New York Post reports.

First Deputy Commissioner Richard Levy testified in New York City that his agency's plan is similar to a program quietly begun last year that prohibited pedophile probationers from participating in trick-or-treating.

Probation spokesman Frank Ryan says more than 600 of the 1,400 sex offenders being supervised by his agency are classified as pedophiles.

"Obviously, for Halloween the pedophile could take advantage of small children visiting," he says.


Seventeen years in the making, the asymmetric Walt Disney Concert Hall is supposed to make a bold statement about downtown Los Angeles.

"People are going to think of Disney Hall in a global sense the way they do the Sydney Opera House. Once you see it, you have this vision in your mind that you'll always have -- the building is a symphony in itself," Ginny Stevenson, a Los Angeles Philharmonic volunteer, tells the Los Angeles Daily News.

The concert hall will seat 2,265 and will be the home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Los Angeles Master Chorale.

"The words Disney and California will be linked forever to world-class music and artistic performances right here in Los Angeles," says Gray Davis, outgoing California governor.


Bob Woodward, discussing his Watergate reporting at St. Mary's College of Maryland, repeated he and Carl Bernstein will not reveal who Deep Throat is before he dies, the Washington Post reports.

The famous source, named after a pornographic film in the 1970s, provided the Washington Post reporters with background information during their Watergate reporting about 30 years ago.

"Deep Throat is a source who lied to his family, to his friends and colleagues denying that he had helped us. In a sense, his identity is embedded in not being a source," Woodward said. "Once he dies, it will be disclosed, and the full story will be told."

Those attending the annual Bradlee Journalism Lecture, were told, "It's a good story."


Six schoolboys ages 12 and 13 in England were hospitalized after taking Viagra.

Teachers called for paramedics when they heard of what the boys did, the BBC reports.

"It is believed that a pupil brought the tablets from home into the school and shared them with five friends," says a Wokingham District Council spokesman.

None of the boys are reported to have suffered ill effects from the Oct. 16 event.

Health officials say the side effects on children of the drug that fights impotency are not known as it was not tested on young people.

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