Hurricane brought rain of frog eggs

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BERLIN, Conn., Oct. 2 (UPI) -- Eggs that fell from the sky after Hurricane Isabel onto a Connecticut man's porch have been identified as coming from frogs, a report said Thursday.

The unusual event took place Sept. 19, when Primo D'Agata was reading his newspaper, the New Britain Herald said. D'Agata heard what he thought was hail on his front porch.


Upon further investigation, he saw hundreds to thousands of eggs on the porch. He said they looked like "salamanders or barley."

He gathered up a jarful and took it to a museum, which in turn contacted a biologist.

"We have found that they are probably some kind of egg, but we do not know what species (of frog)," said Ruth Rollin, chairman of the Central Connecticut State University biology department. "In order to be sure, they would have had to live."

Rollin said that although the eggs were dead when tested, it appears the eggs came from the hurricane's winds. She said she does not believe the species is from any known in Connecticut.

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