Jockstrip: The world as we know it

By ELLEN BECK, United Press International  |  Aug. 12, 2003 at 8:14 AM
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The Uniroyal Giant Tire -- said by the company to be the world's largest tire -- is getting a $1 million retread of sorts.

For nearly 40 years, visitors to Detroit via Metro Airport have been welcomed by the 80-foot-tall Uniroyal tire, first created as a Ferris wheel for the 1964/1965 New York's World's Fair.

The popular landmark is getting an updated look to reflect the company's 111-year history and its spot as a cultural icon for the Motor City.

Major renovations inside the tire include replacing and painting the more than 30 steel beams that provide structural support.


A study of 45-year-old people, reported in the London Telegraph, finds it might be financially wise to belly up to the bar now and then.

Stirling University researchers say moderate drinkers earn on average 17 percent more than their teetotalist counterparts.

There is a limit, though, as heavy drinkers -- men who drank more than 50 units of alcohol a week and women who drank more than 35 units -- made 5 percent more than those who did not drink at all.

Study author, Professor David Bell, told the Telegraph: "The survey shows you don't want to be a teetotaler if you want to get on in your job. People who drink moderately seem to earn more."


A tooth belonging to "The King" is heading back to the Ebay auction block, according to the Yellow Strawberry Memorabilia Collection in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

The tooth had been part of a package deal -- along with a lock of Elvis Presley's hair and a gold record -- which did not sell.

The tooth originally was given to Presley's fiancée, Linda Thompson, after a trip to the dentist. After Presley's death, the tooth went to Jimmy Velvet, Presley's best friend and owner of the Elvis museum in Branson, Mo., where it was on display until it was purchased at auction in 1996 by Yellow Strawberry.

Anthony DeFontes of Yellow Strawberry said in a statement: "It seems a lot of people doubted the documentation of the tooth ... so this time, we actually contacted Mr. Velvet and got another notarized certificate verifying the tooth's authenticity."


A survey by finds the contest for which celebrity has the best buns is a check-and-cheek race between actresses Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez -- 46.5 percent to 45. 2 percent respectively. Oprah Winfrey comes in a distant third at 7.1 percent.

Asked about their own behinds, however, only 5 percent of Americans say they are very satisfied.

In fact, 42 percent of folks said they were very dissatisfied with their derrieres, along with 29 percent who were somewhat dissatisfied.

While more than 60 percent of those polled claimed to do exercise to shape up their back ends, 37 percent said they weren't doing much of anything about it.

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