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Athletes in motion plus a slow shutter speed makes for really cool pictures!
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It's safe to say that without the fans, you lose the electricity in the stadium and the event just isn't the same. Here's a look at the fans cheering on and consoling the athletes competing at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics.
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Winning isn't everything. As these athletes and fans make clear, it's about the shared experiences they're all going through and the handshakes and hugs say it all about the shared respect that exists between them.
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It's time to say goodbye to Rio! The 2016 Summer Olympic Games closed out in style on Sunday, August 21, 2016, after two weeks of highs and lows, excitement and tears.
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Familiar faces from the NBA have already taken to the court as they compete in the group stages of the men's basketball competition at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.
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Team USA's women's basketball team beat Spain 101-72 to win the gold medal in the Summer Games with Lindsay Whalen putting up 17 points, six assists and four rebounds for the world champions.
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Perhaps no combination of sporting events more epitomizes the Olympic games than those competed in on the track and field. From running to jumping to throwing, these athletic sports have part of the modern games since 1896.
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Brazil avenged for their 7-1 semifinal defeat at the 2014 World Cup against Germany as the beat the Germans 5-4 on penalties to claim gold and send the country into ecstasy. For the first time in Olympic history, the German women's soccer team came out on top, beating Sweden 2-1 and claiming gold.
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It didn't happen if you don't have a selfie to prove you were there!
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Curious who's already taken home a medal? We've got a round up of the athletes who have topped their sport and claimed gold, silver or bronze.
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Having debuted at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, BMX cycling is in its infancy at the Games. The thrill of the race, the jumps and the crashes makes it an exciting event for the Summer Games.
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We're in the home stretch, just three days away from closing out the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games. The story of the second week has been Usain Bolt, whose superhuman speed has carried him aloft to yet more gold medals!
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Her partner Misty May-Treanor may have retired, but that hasn't stopped Kerri Walsh Jennings, gold medal winner at the 2012 London Olympics, from picking up a new teammate in April Ross and challenging for top honors on the sands of Copacabana beach.
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It takes years of hard work and practice, and while athletes learn how to control their bodies with uncanny ability, their facial expressions are another matter!
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The most popular racket sport in the world, table tennis has been an Olympic event since being introduced at the 1988 Summer Games in Seoul.
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It's not just Team USA's 'Final Five' that's competing for gymnastics gold at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio; athletes, both men and women from around the world, are leaping, bounding and round-housing their way through the competition.
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Michael Phelps took home his 20th and 21st career gold medals, winning the 200m butterfly and 4x200m freestyle relay, while compatriot Katie Ledecky picked up her third medal of the Games, as the swimming competition powered forward at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.
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Part of the Olympic program for 120 years, since the first modern games in 1896, fencing is both and individual and team sport, for both men and women.
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There was a gap of 15 seconds between gold and silver in the Women's 10,000m race as Ethiopia's Almaz Ayana shattered the world-record with a time of 29 minutes, 17.45 seconds.
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We're halfway through the 2016 Rio Olympics! We've seen records broken and history made. Here's a look back at some of the more memorable moments from the past week!
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