'God of War': Kratos' journey is explored in behind-the-scenes video

By Wade Sheridan

April 16 (UPI) -- The evolution of Kratos -- the main character in Sony's upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive God of War -- is explored in a new behind-the-scenes feature for the game.

The clip, released Monday, features God of War creative director Cory Barlog detailing how much the mighty Kratos has changed since slaying Zeus in 2010's God of War III.


"When he ends God of War III and is transitioning into this one, there is a period of time where he's kind of wandering the earth alone and he believes being alone is probably better," Barlog says.

He also explained that Kratos eventually becomes more open to change, which includes starting a new family.

God of War, the fourth entry in the action-adventure series, revolves around an older, bearded and calmer Kratos as he journeys with his young son Atreus across a Norse mythology inspired landscape following the death of the boy's mother.

"Atreus is the hand that pulls humanity out of his sort of dark heart," Barlog continues and says that Kratos' son helps the violent warrior find a new purpose in life and their journey will help him regain "a small fraction of his humanity."


God of War is set for release on April 20.

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