'Chucky' creator promises White House ghosts, teases space and M3gan possibilities

"Chucky" returns April 10. Photo courtesy of SYFY
1 of 5 | "Chucky" returns April 10. Photo courtesy of SYFY

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 14 (UPI) -- USA Network and SYFY announced Wednesday that Part 2 of Chucky Season 3 will premiere on April 10 at 10 p.m. EDT on both networks. Chucky creator Don Mancini said Chucky will no longer be the only threat in the White House.

"There's also ghosts," Mancini told UPI in an interview in Los Angeles. "It's an unusual haunted house, an unusual way to get into a ghost story."


Devon Sawa, who plays the President in Chucky, confirmed the new episodes add spirits to the mayhem caused by the killer doll. The President's son brought a killer Chucky doll into the highest office.

"A lot of crazy things happen and it just gets insane in the second half," Sawa said. "There are some ghosts floating around. Chucky's doing his stuff. It gets wild."

Chucky aired four episodes in October. Production of Season 3 halted when the writers and actors went on strike.

Production resumed on the season after the strikes resolved. Mancini said episode 5 picks up immediately after episode 4.

With Chucky returning in April, Mancini said a fourth season could still air in October if USA and Syfy renew it.


"I have an idea for Season 4 of the show which if we get the pickup, that's what we'll do," Mancini said. "People will see what it is at that point."

Season 3 left Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) in prison for the murders she has committed as Chucky's accomplice. Tilly said Tiffany's storyline also gets even more outrageous following the episode in which Tiffany using voodoo to kill a fellow inmate (Nia Vardalos).

"Let's see what happens," Tilly said. "Knowing Tiffany, she's very clever. I doubt she'll stay in prison for long."

In interviews with Screen Rant and Variety respectively, Mancini suggested Chucky going to space and battling the killer doll M3gan were possibilities. Mancini told UPI that one of the benefits of a TV series is keeping Chucky in the conversation longer than occasional movie sequels did.

"One of the nice things that comes out of that is that there's a lot more feedback happening," Mancini said. "So you get a lot of those questions like: Are we really going to see Chucky in space? Are we going to see Chucky vs. M3gan?"

Mancini said his idea for Season 4 would come first.


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