Brooklynn Prince: 'Home Before Dark' Season 2 'more emotional'

Matt (Jim Sturgess) and Hilde Lisko (Brooklynn Prince) investigate Wott Management in "Home Before Dark." Photo courtesy of Apple
1 of 5 | Matt (Jim Sturgess) and Hilde Lisko (Brooklynn Prince) investigate Wott Management in "Home Before Dark." Photo courtesy of Apple

LOS ANGELES, June 10 (UPI) -- Brooklynn Prince said her young journalist character is learning to balance her childhood with investigating in Season 2 of Home Before Dark.

"She's learning how to be more emotional," Brooklynn told UPI in a Zoom interview.


Home Before Dark was inspired by the work of Hilde Lysiak, who investigated a murder when she was 9. Brooklynn, 11, plays the fictional version, Hilde Lisko.

In Season 1, Hilde proved Sam Gillis innocent of the murder of Penny Gillis in the present, and Richie Fife in the past. However, Hilde's search for Fife, whose body never was found, has burned her out when Season 2 begins.

"She's hitting dead ends with Richie," Brooklynn said. "It's tiring her out."

Season 1 also dealt with Hilde's father, Matt (Jim Sturgess), struggling to accept that his daughter was following in his footsteps as a journalist, albeit much younger than he would have preferred. The 43-year-old Sturgess said Matt now sees Hilde as a partner -- just one with less experience.


"He tries to guide her," Sturgess said. "He tries to steer her in the right direction."

When Matt suggests Hilde pursue new story leads, Hilde investigates Wott Management. It begins when Hilde probes a transformer explosion and discovers that Wott is trying to buy land from residents who don't want to sell.

Sturgess said Matt is proud of his daughter for finding another righteous cause after solving a murder. Hilde follows more clues that connect Wott to animal deaths.

"It reignites a spark in him," Sturgess said. "She's actually making a difference and she has to fight for justice."

Matt has a more challenging time relating to his older daughter, Izzy (Kylie Rogers). Izzy is 14 and experimenting with alcohol among her friends.

"He's out of his depths," Sturgess said. "No matter how good a parent you think you are, when the teenage years hit, it becomes a whole different game."

Sturgess said Matt's struggles with Izzy also help illustrate how close he is with Hilde.

"Hilde and Matt are two peas in the same pod," Sturgess said. "I think he sees himself in her. They share a very similar mindset, whereas Izzy is a slightly different energy for him. He's not having to deal with Hilde getting a boyfriend or anything like that at this point in his life."


The Lisko family grows closer in Season 2, as Matt's father (Reed Birney), who Hilde calls Pop Pop, moves in. Pop Pop has Alzheimer's disease, so all members of the Lisko family attend to Pop Pop's needs.

"He's the light and the family are the moths," Brooklynn said of Pop Pop. "Especially Hilde and Matt -- they form much more of a bond with Pop Pop."

Meanwhile, Hilde rescues a sick bird she names Walter. Brooklynn said she could relate to Hilde's caretaking because she has a Malamute puppy named Remy.

"She's like a mother," Brooklynn said. "She has to get up every hour, feed Walter, make sure he eats, take him everywhere. She can't leave him alone because he's a baby bird."

The real Lysiak, now 14, was involved with Season 1 of Home Before Dark. However, producing the second season during the COVID-19 pandemic made it difficult for Lysiak to visit the set.

Brooklynn said she could rely on her first season experience to portray Hilde again.

"I feel like I know the real Hilde now because I played her," Brooklynn said.

Sturgess agreed with regard to playing Matt, saying, "You sort of fall into their skin quite easily."


Home Before Dark returns Friday on Apple TV+.

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