Kristen Stewart on 'Charlie's Angels' reboot: 'It makes me smile'

By Annie Martin

July 30 (UPI) -- Kristen Stewart says the Charlie's Angels reboot makes her smile.

The 29-year-old actress discussed the new Elizabeth Banks-directed movie while speaking to Vanity Fair for its September issue.


Stewart plays Sabina Wilson in Charlie's Angels, which co-stars Naomi Scott as Elena Houghlin and Ella Balinska as Jane Kano. The film follows Sabina, Elena and Jane as they work to protect the world from a dangerous technology.

"The new Charlie's Angels film... it makes me smile," Stewart said. "It's about three girls that are like actually friends, and it's about the fact that power in numbers is an undeniably scary thing for people that have been in power for too long."

Stewart also discussed her comedic turn in the movie in the Vanity Fair cover story.

"I'm not even like that in real life," she said of her character. "[Banks] put punch lines on my jokes every day. I overthink stuff. I make everything way too long. She's like, 'Dude, just say it faster.'"

Banks said she approached Stewart's lines as if she were writing fan fiction.


"We wrote her a lot of jokes," Banks said of Stewart. "[She] lands as many jokes in this movie as any comic actor."

"What do I want to see Kristen Stewart do in a movie? Like, the fan in me wants to see Kristen Stewart do this. And then I would just make her do it," she explained of her process.

Stewart is known for her dramatic roles in Twilight, Clouds of Sils Maria, Still Alice and other films. Charlie's Angels released a first trailer featuring Stewart, Scott and Balinksa in June, and opens in theaters Nov. 15.

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