Jared Leto has already damaged his Oscar trophy

It has only been 4 days since the Oscars.

Aileen Graef

LOS ANGELES, March 6 (UPI) -- Best Supporting Actor winner Jared Leto revealed that he has already dinged his Oscar mere hours after receiving it.

"I was carrying it down the stairs and, boom, I hit it against the stairs, the railing, and I put a little nick in the back of it," said Leto, "So, you know, that's how it goes. It's already lived in, as they say."


Now that the Oscar has some character, Leto made sure to put it in a safe place with the strongest of guardians.

"The Oscar is sitting in my kitchen, guarded by some vegan butter and a bag of popcorn." Leto explained, "You know, they kind of end up in the kitchen because that's the first place that I go when I get home. You put your keys down and take off your jacket...and you put your Oscar in the kitchen."

Naturally, you put an Oscar in the kitchen.

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