Facebook implements messaging system

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 15 (UPI) -- Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has introduced a new messaging system to be used through the U.S.-based social networking Web site, Computerworld said.

The Titan system, which is expected to become available to all Facebook users within a few months, is capable of saving instant messages, e-mails and Facebook communications for five years. It also will allow users to have a e-mail address and will work with other e-mail systems, such as Gmail and Yahoo mail, the computer industry trade publication said.


"There was a lot of press leading up to this saying this is an e-mail killer," Zuckerberg told reporters at a press conference Monday in San Francisco. "This is not an e-mail killer. It's a messaging system that has e-mail as one part of it. I don't expect people to wake up tomorrow and say, 'I'm going to shut down my Yahoo account or my Gmail account.' We expect that more people will IM and more people will message just because it's simpler and easier and it's more fun and valuable to use."

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