Nicholson still ready to fall in love

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 21 (UPI) -- Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson said he is single at the moment, but at the age of 70 hasn't ruled out falling in love again.

"Who would not want to? I don't know how it is with women, but I know this about men: Men behave worse when there are not women in their lives," Nicholson told AARP The Magazine. "One of the things I get from my contemporaries, in an intimate talk, is that almost all of them say, 'I just want that one last big romance' ... (So,) yes, I'd love it. I never minded being a fool for love. It's nice to have a place where it's good to be foolish."


That said, the star of "The Bucket List" admitted he can't "hit on a girl in public like I used to."

"I never thought words like 'undignified' would come into my own reflections on myself, but I can't do it anymore," he said. "I feel uncomfortable. I don't think anybody cares what I do in these areas, but it feels a little bit off to me."

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