Donny Osmond 'Access Hollywood' interview

NEW YORK, Sept. 22 (UPI) -- NBC's "Access Hollywood" will air a two-part interview with Donny Osmond on Sept. 25 and 26, in which he talks about panic attacks and being a grandparent.

The singer, who recently debuted as Gaston in Broadway's "Beauty & The Beast," talked openly to Nancy O'Dell about his battle with panic attacks, said Access Hollywood Friday.


"You don't conquer it. It's always with you. You know how to deal with it. ...You realize 'I'm going to make a mistake.' I made mistakes (on opening) night but you know what, it was okay," said Osmond on getting over his frequent attacks.

He also said on the subject of his first grandchild being born, "I don't feel like a granddad, as a matter of fact my youngest (child) is eight, and so it's almost a continuation of my family."

Osmond finishes out the interview by touching on the subject of his sister Marie's recent troubles.

"Sometimes I really hurt for my sister, because they really use her as a target. And yes, granted, she's had some misfortunes in her life ... divorced and all kinds of mishaps ... but it is unfortunate that they target her because she was Cinderella basically, lived a Cinderella story gone bad. But she survived it and continues to prevail over it, even though they keep hitting her," he said.


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