Aronofsky, Weisz defend film from critics

VENICE, Italy, Sept. 5 (UPI) -- Critics booed Darren Aronofsky's "The Fountain" at the Venice Film Festival, but the director and actress Rachel Weisz have come to the film's defense.

The BBC reported the 38-year-old director and "Fountain" co-star Weisz, who are engaged and recently had a son together, defended the new film from its critics by praising its unique nature.


"I think it's wonderful that this film is so different," Weisz said Monday. "I would love to work with Darren again."

The film, which spans 1,000 years and revolves around three men searching for the Fountain of Youth, was originally supposed to star Brad Pitt, but after studio complications delayed production eventually Hugh Jackman took the lead role.

Aronofsky, who rose to fame with "Requiem for a Dream" in 2000, praised his fiance's work in the film and credited their relationship as being beneficial to the work.

"The Fountain" is due out in U.S. theaters this November, said the BBC.

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