Nixon surprised 'Sex' still gaining fans

NEW YORK, Feb. 1 (UPI) -- Actress Cynthia Nixon says she is surprised to see people still discovering her now-defunct TV comedy, "Sex and the City."

The show, about four New York women looking for love, ended its six-season run on HBO in 2004, but edited versions of the racy hit have since been shown in syndication on TBS and the WB.


"Just when you thought there weren't any people who hadn't seen it yet, there's a whole new crop," she told United Press International.

Nixon said men seem to be enjoying "Sex and the City," too.

"I think there was a certain voyeuristic thing that men would have. Sometimes like: 'What are you guys really about? What do you really talk about?'" said Nixon, who currently appears in the new Broadway production of David Lindsay-Abaire's drama, "Rabbit Hole."

"But, also, so many men who really did like the show and wanted to come up and tell me, but always had to put a disclaimer on it: 'Oh, my wife made me watch it and then I really liked it and it was really good.' There's always a story about how they came to like it, even though it wasn't natural to them."

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