Co-star: Snipes is 'Blade'

NEW YORK, Dec. 7 (UPI) -- Ryan Reynolds says he never got to know his "Blade: Trinity" co-star Wesley Snipes because the other actor seldom came out of character on the set.

"There was no kidding around with Wesley Snipes," Reynolds told reporters in New York recently.


Reynolds said that when his monster-hunting character quips about Snipes' titular hero, "He hates me, doesn't he?" he was actually summing up his relationship with Snipes.

"Every moment that is that deliciously awkward dynamic is born of a real situation," the "Van Wilder" star revealed.

"That line was not supposed to be in the movie," Reynolds continued. "The director called, 'Cut' already and I just said that. It's not my favorite joke, but it ended up in the movie because it was just so real. With Wes, Wes is Blade and Blade is Wes and he is a very method actor, so to do those scenes with him, you get one shot. ... You don't get a lot with Wes in terms of goofing around. He's very serious about the role and very serious about this movie. ... I don't think I even met Wes."


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