Keystone oil deliveries uncertain

CALGARY, Alberta, June 1 (UPI) -- TransCanada said it had no idea when it would start pumping oil through the Keystone crude oil pipeline after a small leak was reported in Kansas.

A spokesman for TransCanada said the company closed its Keystone pipeline after around 40 barrels of oil spilled at a pump facility in Kansas.


"It was a fitting that broke that resulted in oil spilling within the facility but it was all contained on site," spokesman Terry Cunha told Bloomberg News. "The system is shut down and no oil will be delivered until we completely repair the pump station. We don't know when the actual start date will be."

A small nipple failed at a pumping station along the same pipeline in North Dakota in early May. The company said about 280 barrels of oil was recovered from the area of the spill.

U.S. regulators said the company didn't need approval to restart the oil pipeline. TransCanada said the spill was contained to the site, adding there weren't any problems on the physical pipeline.

Julia Valentine, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Department of Transportation, told the news agency that inspectors "will examine if there are similarities between this weekend's failure and any prior failures on the system, including the incident which occurred on May 7, 2011."


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