Bear breaks into Connecticut car, fails to eat banana

By Ben Hooper

May 23 (UPI) -- Police in Connecticut responding to a call about a suspected car burglar found something more unusual -- a bear trapped inside the vehicle.

Linda Morad said she thought there was someone inside her 2015 Subaru Outback on Friday outside her friend's house in Canton when the headlights started flashing and the horn and alarm kept going on and off.


"I'm here alone and I think there's someone in my car," Morad said in her 911 call. "The lights are on and I went out to kind of check it out and I hear noise in there."

"The horn is beeping now. This is getting really creepy," she told the dispatcher. "The lights are dimming, the horn is beeping like crazy. I'm seeing stuff moving around in the car."

Police soon arrived and revealed the identity of the burglar -- an adult black bear.

"We're guessing he used his paw to open the door," Police Capt. Lawrence Terra told the Hartford Courant. "It looked like he was terrified, by the condition of the car."

Police snapped a few photos of the bear before opening the door and allowing the bruin to run off into the night.


Morad said the interior of the car was completely destroyed by the apparently panicking bear.

"The devastation in there is just incredible. It's like spaghetti," Morad told WFSB-TV.

Chris Collibee, a spokesman for the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, said bears are known to break into cars in the state.

"Most likely the bear was attracted by some sort of food scent," he said.

Morad said she had used her Subaru to transport some garbage earlier in the day, but the only food inside her car at the time of the bear incident was a banana, which the animal declined to eat.

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