Bronx fire,World Tragedies

Published: 1990
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Howard Dicus: 40,000 died in an earthquake in Iran in 1990. Plane crashes took lives as usual, remember the Avianca wreck on Long Island. The two North West jets that collided on a runway in Detroit. A truck slid into a greyhound bus, east of the Salt Lake City. There was 80 vehicle smash up Northeast of Chattanooga, but the US tragedy of the year was no accident. A fire that killed 87 at a Bronx social club was arson.

Speaker: Initially you couldn't really see too much. Heavy smoke and heat. Whereas the guys started put off the fire down, like other guys were crawling in, and you just started to find one body after another. Most of the dead were upon on the mezzanine in the second floor. There was no way out for them, it was a real shame.

Howard Dicus: The focus of tragedy in Israel and Lebanon shifted during 1990. Beirut calmed down for the first time in years as rival armies agreed to fight in the hills. In the occupied territories Israeli soldiers shot down Arab protectors rekindling the Intifada. There was an assassination in connection with the Palestinian issue, but it didn't happen in Israel, it happened in New York.

Speaker: I just remember the head wound, the bleeding, people trying to stop the bleeding.

Howard Dicus: The American born Israeli politician who advocated kicking all Arabs out of Israel and its occupied lands was shot to death by an Egyptian immigrant who was captured only after a gun fight on a Manhattan street.