Soccer Hooligans Erupt in UK

Published: 1985
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Dennis Daly: May was the month that a rising tide of hooliganism among British soccer fans would erupt into a tide of death and destruction. In early May, someone apparently tossed a firework or smoke bomb into the soccer stands at Bradford, England. The prank led to 53 deaths. In just minutes, the entire stands were afire. A radio reporter covering the match was swept up in the panic …

Unknown Speaker: "Let's get all those people out of there! Let's get those people; just take your time, don't rush! Go down there; take your time going down there. Don't pull on the wires! Keep your legs fixed over there. Keep the -- take your time! Don't rush, don't push! We are going to have to disconnect very shortly, because it really is taking all the time. We're taking a break. We're getting out of here, too."


Dennis Daly: Later that month at an international game in Brussels, Belgium, British fans kill more than 30 people, mostly Italians. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's reaction was immediate …

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher: "It used to be our pride that we really were a nation of sportsmen-like people. That is in danger."

Dennis Daly: For a time British soccer teams were prohibited from participating in international games, and there were strict controls put on the use of alcoholic beverages at sporting events in Great Britain.


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