OJ Simpson's letter to the public

LOS ANGELES -- Here is a transcript of the letter O.J. Simpson wrote to the public and left with his lawyer, Robert Shapiro, as read by Simpson's friend Robert Kardashian at a news conference with Shapiro:

'To whom it may concern:


'First, everyone understand I have nothing to do with Nicole's murder. I loved her, always have and always will. If we had a problem it's because I loved her so much.

'Recently we came to the understanding that for now we were not right for each other, at least right now. Despite our love we were different, that's why we mutally agreed to go our own ways. It was tough splitting, but we both knew it was for the best.

'Unlike what has been written in the press, Nicole and I had a great relationship for most of our lives together. We had a few downs and ups. I took the heat New Year's 1989 (when Simpson was charged with misdemeanor spousal battery) because that's what I was supposed to do. I didn't plead no contest for any other reason except to protect our privacy.

'I can't believe what is being said. Most of it is totally made up. I know you have a job to do, but as a last wish please please please leave my children in peace. Their lives will be tough enough.


... (At this point Simpson thanked his friends)

'I think of my life and feel I've done most of the right things, so why do I end up like this. I can't go on. No matter what the outcome, people will point and look. I can't take that. I can't subject my children to that. This way they can move on and move on with their lives. Please if I've done anything worthwhile in my life, let my kids live in peace from the press.

'My mama taught me to do unto others. I've always treated others as I wanted to be treated. I'm sorry for the Goldman family. I know how much it hurts. Nicole and I had a good life together. All this press talk about a rocky relationship was no more than what every long-term relationship experiences. All her friends will confirm I've been loving ... at times I felt like a battered husband or boyfriend but I loved her. Make that clear to everyone.

'Don't feel sorry for me. I've had a great life, great friends. Please think of the real O.J. and not this lost person. Thanks for making my life special, I hope I helped yours.'


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