Sliver,' 'Indecent Proposal' favored for Razzies

By VERNON SCOTT UPI Hollywood Reporter

HOLLYWOOD -- When the nominations for the 14th annual Razzie Awards for worst movie achievements of 1993 were announced Tuesday, Sylvester Stallone was absent from the worst actor category for the first time in nearly a decade.

The muscular star of action pictures has won four worst actor honors and a worst actor of the decade award in previous years.


'Indecent Proposal,' starring Demi Moore and Robert Redford, tied with 'Sliver,' starring Sharon Stone, for the most nominations with seven each. 'Body of Evidence' and 'Last Action Hero' has six nominations apiece.

In addition to 'Indecent Proposal,' 'Sliver,' and 'Last Action Hero,' the nominees for worst picture were 'Body of Evidence' and 'Cliffhanger.'

The Razzies, sponsored by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation, are an annual event giving nine prizes as a light-hearted spoof of the Academy Awards.

Some 355 film professionals, journalists and fans across the country decide who gets the Razzie statuette, a gold spray-painted, golfball- sized plastic raspberry atop a super-8 film reel. It's estimated street value is about $2.

Nominated for worst actor were William Baldwin ('Sliver'), Willem Dafoe ('Body of Evidence'), Robert Redford ('Indecent Proposal'), Burt Reynolds ('Cop and a Half') and Arnold Schwarzenegger ('Last Action Hero').


Worst actress contenders include former Razzie winners Melanie Griffith ('Born Yesterday') and Madonna ('Body of Evidence') and previous nominees Demi Moore ('Indecent Proposal') and Sharon Stone ('Sliver'). Filling out the category was Janet Jackson ('Poetic Justice').

Jackson was a double nominee. She also was up for worst new star with Italy's Roberto Begnini ('Son of the Pink Panther'), and three kid actors -- Mason Gamble ('Dennis the Menace'), Norman D. Golden II ('Cop and a Half') and Austin O'Brien ('Last Action Hero').

Among nominated directors, Jennifer Lynch was the only one to make the final five without having her film, 'Boxing Helena,' also nominated for worst picture.

She will vie with Gil Edel ('Body of Evidence'), Adrian Lyne ('Indecent Proposal'), John McTiernan ('Last Action Hero') and Phillip Noyce ('Sliver').

The nominees for worst supporting actor were Tom Berenger ( ('Sliver'), Woody Harrelson ('Indecent Exposure'), John Lithgow ('Cliffhanger'), Chris O'Donnell ('The Three Musketeers') and Keanu Reeves ('Much Ado About Nothing').

Competing for worst supporting actress were Anne Archer ('Body of Evidence'), Sandra Bullock ('Demolition Man'), Colleen Camp ('Sliver'), Faye Dunaway ('The Temp') and Janine Turner ('Cliffhanger').

'Winners' will be announced at a Hollywood banquet March 20, the day before the 66th annual Academy Awards presentations.


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