Aladdin' still dominates in Europe

HOLLYWOOD -- 'Aladdin' maintained its domination over the European box office with $15.7 million at 1,943 screens for the week ended Dec. 24, it was reported Monday.

The animated comedy has taken in more than $65 million on the continent after seven weeks, Daily Variety reported.


'Aladdin,' which has topped $200 million in foreign ticket sales, led in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. The French total of $7.03 million at 547 screens was particularly impressive and gave the movie a gross of more than $27 million after seven weeks in that market.

'Aladdin' should continue to dominate the European market for several more weeks. It took in about $100 million in the United States in the last two months of 1992, then grabbed $117 million more in domestic ticket sales in 1993.

'A Perfect World' finished second, posting an impressive second week on the continent with $4.8 million at 682 screens, mostly from a second-place finish in France. The Kevin Costner-Clint Eastwood drama has been somewhat of a disappointment in the United States, with a domestic gross of less than $30 million in about six weeks.

Dog comedy 'Beethoven's 2nd,' which grossed over $30 million since it opened Dec. 17 in the United States, finished third in Europe with $3.4 million at 681 screens. It took second in Germany.

'Robin Hood: Men in Tights' was fourth with $3.4 million at 630 screens, followed by 'Demolition Man' with $2.2 million at 557 screens.

'Son of the Pink Panther,' which flopped in the United States, got off to a good start in Italy over the Christmas weekend with $2.43 million at 109 screens.

'Addams Family Values,' which topped $42 million domestically, rolled out in France with $1.59 million at 286 screens.

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