Dahmer's victims awarded $70 million

MILWAUKEE -- A judge Wednesday awarded more than $70 million to seven families whose relatives were killed by Jeffrey Dahmer.

But since the convicted serial killer is serving life in prison and has no money, the awards would be drawn from anything Dahmer might be paid for movie or book rights.


The judgment was handed down by Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Robert Landry in wrongful death actions brought by the families against Dahmer.

The families were asking for $1 billion each, but Landry said $10 million is enough to show the severity of the crimes Dahmer committed.

'I wanted to send a clear message to the community that this kind of an offense would be dealt with in an appropriate fashion. In my view, $10 million was a very appropriate figure,' Landry said.

Each of the seven families were awarded $10 million for punitive damages, $50,000 for loss of companionship, $10,000 for loss of future earnings by the victim and $3,000 for funeral expenses. In addition, Landry awarded $50,000 to two families whose relatives were given crude lobotomies by Dahmer.

'It is true that it is Monopoly money in that Mr. Dahmer does not appear to have any resources, but I think that it was critical to the survivors that the outrage that had been perpetrated on members of their family was appropriately appreciated by the court,' Landry said.


Eleven families filed civil lawsuits against Dahmer. Landry previously awarded one family $10 million. Another lawsuit will be decided Thursday and two more will be heard later, Landry said.

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