Buckshot-peppered jeans make mark in fashion world

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. -- A young entrepreneur is taking aim at fashion fame with his buckshot-peppered jeans.

In fact, Sheldon Smith, president of Jensen-Smith, Inc., said he cannot make -- or tatter -- jeans and denim jackets fast enough to fill orders these days.


Smith, 24, and his wife, Sabrina, are making their mark in the fashion world by taking perfectly good bluejeans and jackets, hauling them to a nearby shooting range and blasting them with .12-gauge guns. Then, after the clothing is suitably holy, it is washed, faded and sold for about $70.

'It's kind of taking the ripped jeans look a step farther,' Smith said. 'We can't keep them in stock.'

The Smiths usually leave the actual shooting to others, often local gun enthusiasts. He also hires college students to fire away at his product.

'Around here, practically everybody has a gun anyway,' he said. 'Most of them would do it for nothing.'

Smith said he usually goes to the shooting range to supervise and take a few shots at the jeans and jackets himself.

'You don't really want a bunch of minimum wage 19-year-olds out there with .12-gauges and about 1,000 shells running wild,' he said.


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