Baby born in plane

CHICAGO -- A woman who gave birth to a 3-pound 8 -ounce boy in an airplane over Good Hope, Ill., said Thursday she mistook labor pains for the excitement of returning home to her husband.

James Good Hope Sky Martin was born at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday on Republic Airlines Flight 586 from Phoenix to Detroit. The 134 passengers aboard the Boeing 727 cheered when they heard the baby's first cries.


'That morning I didn't feel real good, but I just thought it was nerves or something because I was excited about coming home to see my husband,' said the child's mother, Tammy Martin, 20, of Mount Clemmens, Mich.

James, who was born two months premature, was expected to remain in Resurrection Hospital in Chicago for at least a month. He was listed in serious condition Thursday.

'The vital signs are stable and he seems to be doing well,' said hospital spokeswoman Janice Youngwith.

Martin, who was returning home after visiting her mother in Phoenix for about a month with her nephew and 1 -year-old son, said she began experiencing contractions about 2 hours into the flight.

A flight attendant escorted her to the back of the plane so she could lie on the floor and relax, she said.


Martin said she felt blessed because an obstetrician happened to be on board the plane and because the child was born as the plane flew over Good Hope, about one hour outside Chicago.

Martin said the entire labor took only 30 minutes. Oxygen from the plane was given to the child and a butter knife was used to cut the umbilical cord. The OB team used dental floss to tie the baby's naval.

James was placed in a blanket and a plastic bag containing hot water over the blanket to keep him warm until the plane could land in Chicago at O'Hare International Airport.

'I was embarrassed,' Martin said.

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