The text of the extortion letter James Lewis allegedly...

CHICAGO -- The text of the extortion letter James Lewis allegedly sent to Johnson & Johnson has been entered into evidence in U.S. District Court. It reads:

'Gentlemen: As you can see, it is easy to place cyanide (both potassium and sodium) into capsules sitting on store shelves.


And since the cyanide is in the gelatin, it is easy to get buyers to swallow the bitter pill. Another beauty is that cyanide operates quickly. It takes so very little, and there will be no time to take counter measures.

'If you don't mind the publicity of these little capsules, then do nothing. So far, I have spent less than fifty dollars and it takes me less than 10 minutes per bottle.

'If you want to stop the killing then wire $1,000,000 to bank account number 84-49-597 at Continental Illinois Bank Chicago, Ill.

'Don't attempt to involve the FBI or local Chicago authorities with this letter. A couple of phone calls by me will undo anything you can possibly do.'

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