The debt of the Seattle Sounders reportedly has hit...

SEATTLE -- The debt of the Seattle Sounders reportedly has hit $1.8 million amidst a continuing controversy over the club's ownership.

North American Soccer League attorneys talked into the evening Monday in secret meetings on the dispute between Frank and Vince Coluccio and minority owner Bruce Anderson.


Anderson announced his resignation as club president Saturday, but the move has been rejected by the Coluccios. Anderson made it clear he wants out, but not before recovering a substantial portion of the $400,000 he invested in the Sounders last fall.

If no solution is worked out between the fueding owners, the league could take over the franchise.

'The league's major concern now is to act as an intermediary between the owners,' said NASL attorney Mark Bienstock. 'The league has the power to do a lot of things, but it thinks there's still a decent chance of working things out. The league would step in only after other possibilities have failed.'

Anderson owns 37 percent of the club, and the Coluccios own 25 percent in addition to their agreement to buy the remaining 37 percent share of former shareholder Jerry Horn.

Both sides have attempted to bring in outside buyers and a possible sale of the entire stock has been discussed.

'The possibilities are endless,' said Chuck Sijeg, the Coluccio's attorney. 'Anderson could be out; the Coluccios could be out; both sides could be out, and a new group of owners in. I wouldn't want to venture a guess as to what is most likely. The negotiations are too sensitive right now.'

Meanwhile, staff workers in the Sounder front office haven't been paid their salary due at the end of July. They were told last Friday they would be paid Monday. When they weren't, Sounder General Manager Don Paul said it would be delayed until sometime this week.

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