A barmaid testified Thursday that murder suspect Arne Cheyenne...


DANBURY, Conn. -- A barmaid testified Thursday that murder suspect Arne Cheyenne Johnson and his alleged victim had been drinking heavily before the slaying claimed by the defense to be the work of the devil.

An emergency medical technician also testified when he arrived to treat the dying Alan Bono, Johnson's girlfriend was hysterical and sobbing and said Johnson 'didn't mean to do it.'


The witnesses were the first to give testimony in the trial of Johnson, 20, who allegedly stabbed his 40-year-old landlord and friend after an argument over Johnson's live-in girlfriend, Debbie Getzel, 26.

Johnson's attorney, Martin Minnella, claims his client was possessed by the devil in the Feb. 16 slaying in Brookfield. But Superior Court Judge Robert J. Callahan ruled last week Minnella could not use 'demonic possession' as a defense.

Minnella has said he will argue the demonic possession defense in the absence of the jury so he could try to use the judge's rejection as the basis of an appeal.

Susan K. Burroughs, a barmaid in the Mug and Munch cafe, testified Thursday she had served Johnson, Bono and three others the day of the slaying.


Ms. Burroughs, the state's second witness, said Johnson and Bono drank between 13 and 15 glasses of wine and stayed in the cafe for about three hours.

Leo J. Hengstler, an emergency medical technician, testified when he arrived to find Bono mortally wounded, Miss Glatzel, 26, was in a hysterical state.

Hengstler testfied the woman said several times, ''Oh daddy, he didn't mean to do it, but you know how he gets when he's drinking.''

Hengstler said police notified Miss Glatzel's father, Carl Glatzel Jr., of the incident at 6:40 p.m. the night of the slaying. He arrived on the scene one minute later and began monitoring Bono's vital signs. Bono had been stabbed four times and was lying face up, he said.

Brookfield Police Officer Joseph Lamparelli testified that when he arrived on the scene, Miss Glatzel was screaming, ''Help him, help him. He's been stabbed.''

The patrolman said Carl Glatzel told him 'Cheyenne did it. He's over there.'

Lamparelli said he searched for Johnson and finally located him in Hackney's bar.

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