"We must retaliate," Carmichael decides

WASHINGTON, April 5, 1968 (UPI) - Black power militant Stokely Carmichael said today Negroes will "have to get guns" and take to the streets to "retaliate for the execution" of Dr. Martin Luther King. "When White America killed Dr. King, it declared war on us," Carmichael told reporters. "We have to retaliate for the execution of Dr. King."

"Black people know that their way is not by intellectual discussions. They know they have to get guns. Our retaliation won't be in the courtroom but in the streets of America."


Carmichael said that last night he had led Negro youths through Washington's Cardozo area - scene of widespread looting - to ask storeowners to close their shops out of respect for King.

"I want it clear that we are not stopping them from kicking in store windows," Carmichael said. But he added that in the future, "we will stop them from going out into the streets until they have guns."

Asked by a white reporter if he feared for his life, Carmichael replied: "You should fear for yours."

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