Farhatullah Babar (Urdu: فرحت اللہ بابر ) is a Pakistani politician and Parliamentarian from Pakistan People's Party (PPP) to the Parliament. He is a senior member of the Pakistan Peoples Party and served in the Pakistani Senate from 2003 to 2006. He was an outspoken critic of the former Pakistani administration headed by President General Pervez Musharraf's regime. Currently, he is the spokesperson of the office of President of Pakistan.

Born in Peshawar, Babar belongs to an ethnic pashtun family. After he did his high-school, Babar was admitted in Peshawar University in 1959. At there, he studied for his double major where he received his B.A. in Fine Arts and B.A. with Honors in Pushto language from the Peshawar University in 1963. He was then admitted at the University of Engineering and Technology of Peshawar where he graduated and received his B.Eng. in Civil Engineering in 1965, and followed by his Sc.M in Civil engineering, in 1967, from University of Engineering and Technology of Peshawar. In 1981, he did a one year long course in French Language and received a diploma in 1981.

He has been a president and chairperson of PR Management, PIM Karachi, Pakistan Engineering Council (1983), Certificate, Pakistan Computer Bureau Islamabad (1994), Journalism and Mass Communication, Information Academy Islamabad.

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