Thomas Michael Gavin is a New York firefighter of Irish descent. He is a tortured character and a relapsed alcoholic.

Throughout the first season of Rescue Me, Tommy is living across the street from his estranged wife Janet. His cousin Jimmy, a firefighter who died on 9/11, visits him as a ghost. Tommy starts an affair with Jimmy's wife Sheila. When confronted about this relationship, he refuses to end it because Sheila is pregnant. At the end of the season he requests a transfer after a breakdown during a rescue that threatened his co-worker Franco's life. His wife and children leave their home.

Tommy is working at a different firehouse at the start of the season. Sheila miscarries but does not tell him. He and his brother Johnny discover that during their childhood, their father had a long-term affair that produced two children. They suspect that their half-brother, a priest, is a pedophile. Tommy and his family reconcile. His son Connor is killed by a drunk driver. Johnny finds out that the driver may not do time, so Tommy's uncle, Teddy, kills him.

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