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Thamir Ghadhban (Arabic: ثامر غضبان‎) (Karbala, 1945) is an Iraqi bureaucrat and politician, specialising in the oil industry. After the war in 2003 he became Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Oil, and in mid of the following year he served as Interim Oil Minister in the interim government headed by interim prime minister Iyad Allawi. In 2005 he became a Parliament member and the head of one of the six committees in charge of writing chapter four: Powers of the Federal Authorities in the permanent constitution . In late April 2006, there was strong speculation that he would again be appointed Minister of Oil, this time by the government of Nuri al-Maliki. Currently he is the Chairman of the prime minister's advisors committeeand one of three technocrats to draft Iraq's much debated oil law, which is still waiting to be approved by the parliament.

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