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Steve Sanders, played by Ian Ziering, is a fictional character in the popular 1990s American television drama Beverly Hills, 90210. Steve, along with Kelly Taylor, David Silver and Donna Martin, appeared in every season of the show. He is the wealthy and spoiled son of businessman Rush Sanders and sitcom star Samantha Sanders.

Steve is known for his brash, self-assured, hypersexual personality and a tendency to act without thought for the consequences, especially during the high school years. Steve augmented a trio of sorts consisting of himself, Brandon Walsh and Dylan McKay and, in many ways, served as a foil for both with Steve often enlisting them in various hare-brained schemes, most of which end disastrously for all involved. Many of Steve's storylines involved clashes with various forms of authority, including high school administration, the frat house with whom he is affiliated during college and the law on several occasions. He is also shown to give in to peer pressure easily. Other storylines saw him attempting to win the affections of various girls, his attempts often backfiring because of his arrogant demeanour, though he would notably mature during the show's run, proving himself capable of long-term relationships, particularly in the ninth and tenth seasons.

Steve is introduced teasing Kelly Taylor, a relationship with whom ended shortly before the beginning of the series. Brandon Walsh meets him on the former's first day at West Beverly and the two quickly strike up a friendship. Steve invites Brandon to a party which ends with freshman David Silver driving a drunken Steve home and ultimately wrecking his car. This begins a love/hate relationship of sorts between the two. Steve is largely a supporting character during the first season, frequently tempting the clean-cut Brandon to do activities that often sit in opposition to his ethical code such as cheating on a test, hanging around outside nightclubs picking up girls (he once got his car stolen by two girls he and Brandon picked up) and spiking his non-alcoholic drink with alcohol when Brandon refuses to drink. He also makes several hamfisted attempts to win Kelly back, all of which are met with rejection (though the two have a drunken one-night stand, which Kelly regrets); late in the season, he shares a kiss with Andrea Zuckerman during a moment of spontaneity while studying for SAT's (Steve believes that they can be studied for while Brandon does not), but they agree that they would be incompatible as a couple. In the final two episodes of the season, a more sensitive and vulnerable side of Steve is shown, the first instance being during the annual Spring Dance (which happens to be on the day of Steve's birthday), where he is hurt by Kelly's indifference towards him. Steve would confide in Brandon shortly afterwards that his mother had revealed that he was adopted on his previous birthday, a truth that Steve had shared only with Kelly up until that point. In the final episode, upon learning of Brandon's return to Minnesota, Steve became standoffish, feeling that he was being deserted.

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